Why Wynberg Boys’ High School?

Wynberg Boys' High School Sport Cheering

Why should you consider making a donation to the Trust to benefit Wynberg? 

We believe these are a few pertinent reasons why you should consider doing so:

  • Wynberg Boys’ High is a world class school with a proven track record in providing outstanding all-round education.
  • It has a track record of meaningful transformation:
    • 54% of the current learner population of the school consists of members of one or other ‘designated group.
    • This numerical transformation has been managed in a manner that has resulted in educational, cultural and sporting standards consistently improving. Wynberg Boys’ High’s reputation being significantly enhanced as a result of these initiatives.
    • 25% of the fee income is utilised annually. It subsidises the educational and personal development of currently disadvantaged members of our society.

Wynberg Boys’ High has a track record of sound project management. During the recent past, the school has successfully seen through from conception to conclusion, the following major projects:

  • The restoration of an increasingly-derelict, 100+ year-old residence, into staff residences, a conference centre and heritage centre. The latter focusing on both the internal school heritage and external community heritage.
  • The transformation of an under-utilised and less-than-ideal gymnasium into a large-group teaching venue, music institute and an auditorium which is highly acclaimed for both its acoustic and utilitarian qualities.
  • The refurbishment of an outdated aquatics centre.
  • The utilisation of its own water resources for field maintenance, so as not to place an untenable burden on scarce and valuable community resources.
  • The conception, planning and bringing to fruition of one of the first school-based artificial turf playing surfaces (“AstroTurf”) in the country.
  • The extension of the school hostel by approximately 20%, to further accommodate the transformational goals of the school.
  • Most of this development has been funded by money solicited from one or other section of the school’s donor community (largely well-wishers and benefactors from within the school alumnus community, rather than public donors.)

It has a track record of partnership with, and embracing of, the community:

  • The school has pioneered the ‘365 Club’. Members of the community are granted access to the facilities after hours for their own recreational use. This creates goodwill in the community. It also means that the community is invested in the school and looks after its interests including security.
  • The School community initiated a ‘night school’ for the development of literacy and numeracy for persons previously unable to complete their formal schooling.
  • This centre has flourished and grown and is now a highly successful accredited ABET centre which has achieved marked success in preparing adult learners for the senior certificate examination.

A track record of sharing facilities with those beyond the narrow confines of the school itself:

  • Our current squash facilities are utilized by Wynberg Boys’ Junior School, Wynberg Girls’ High and an adult squash club. Our other facilities are regularly made available to a full cross-section of the community.

Why The Supera Moras Trust?

The staff, governing body and Old Boys have all agreed that donor funding for the school should be channeled through the Trust. This will provide a single cohesive entity for dealing with the School’s funding requirements. The Trust is properly constituted and the trustees are all people of impeccable character.  It will will remain in existence long after the present staff, pupils and Old Boys have departed the scene. The Trust is an independent entity that is not and will not be swayed by narrow factional interests.  Funding educational needs through an independent body is best practice.

We urge you to support the growth and development of the school by making a donation to the Trust. You can do so via the ‘donate’ links on this site.