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Wynberg Boys’ High School is a school that offers so many opportunities and through Scholarships we are able to extend those opportunities to boys that would otherwise not normally get to attend a school like Wynberg. 

The Supera Moras Trust aims to create as many scholarships as possible and to achieve this we need your help.  A financial contribution, whether once off or monthly will make the world of difference to one boy.


2020 costs to put a boy through Wynberg are

School Fees

R50 400


Uniform (incl sports gear)

R6 000


Boarding Fees

R54 500


Stationery, sports tours & excursions

R15 000

TOTAL: R125 900



Wynberg Old Boys run a mentorship program where boys are paired up with Old Boys that are currently in a role/career the boy may be interested in pursuing.  

Full details of the program are listed below and we encourage you to sign up by emailing

The Wynberg Old Boys Mentorship Programme – lengthening and strengthening the chain…

The world is an increasingly competitive place and finding advantage is something not easily done.  All of us left WBHS with advantage and now there is an opportunity to return some of that favour to the young men leaving the school today.  Many school-leavers experience the world outside a tough and daunting place and not all have a resource to draw support and advice from – the young men leaving WBHS are no different. In an effort to help guide these young men as they leave the school, whilst also broadening the sphere of influence that Wynberg Old Boys have on the greater Wynberg Boys’ High School community we have birthed the notion of a mentorship programme.

Your commitment as an Old Boy… All that is asked of each Old Boy mentor is that you agree to commit to 1 hour per month of conversation and connection for the calendar year.  The programme will begin in January of 2019 and will grow organically, year on year.  It is the hope that we can twin as many school-leavers as possible with a mentor in 2019, and then to continue the programme with each subsequent year of school leavers.  

Each Old Boy who signs up to the programme will commit to “mentoring” a school-leaver and helping him navigate his first year out of school.  Guiding him on matters of life, study, career, finance, and more.  This mentoring role will be loosely structured and left largely to the participants to define*.   *A set of guidelines and tips to help initiate the mentor – mentee relationship and steer the conversations in the most beneficial of directions will be made available.

Near or far, no matter where you are… All Old Boys are encouraged to sign up, regardless of when you matriculated and where in the world you might find yourselves – there is equal wisdom in age and distance.  Technology ensures that no matter your address, you can still be involved.  For our resident Old Boys, a coffee or a beer once a month at the Bill Bowden or wherever proves convenient for you both is all that will be required from you.

The broad premise is that the senior Old Boy is encouraged to provide the school-leaver with any and all advice and input that may help that young man transition from the cushioned world of school, to the tougher world of independent study and work.

We have discussed the idea with the Matric class of 2018 and there is much interest in the idea of being able to connect with Old Boys in this way and they are excited by the opportunity.   We really encourage you to get involved.  

It is three easy steps to getting involved:

1. SIGN UP – email Carol Ramsay (subject line Mentorship) at the Old Boys office and she will pass on your details to the mentorship programme administrator.  You will then be sent your mentorship agreement to sign and provide some basic information to allow us to twin you with the appropriate school leaver.

2. CONNECT The administrator will then twin you with a school leaver and share contact details and leave the ball in your court to begin the mentoring.

3. CALL UP Encourage other Old Boys to do the same!  Let’s be sure to have enough Old Boys to ensure that each interested school leaver gets assigned a mentor



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